About Cal Coast Construction

Our skilled professionals are qualified to handle a wide variety of projects from residential to commercial.

Our Mission

To establish lasting relationships with our customers by providing great service, lasting products, and a knowledgeable staff along with good communication and planning for each project. And to give back to the community through donations, support and services.

Who We Are

Cal Coast Construction is an industry leader based out of the San Luis Obispo County. Our company is built on core values that shape our mission. The Cal Coast Construction philosophy is to provide quality service - ethically and responsibly. We are committed to providing the very best in all of our services.

Our Experience

Caleb Lopez

Caleb Lopez

Cal Coast Construction is spearheaded by Caleb Lopez and supported by a dedicated team of experienced, professional craftsmen. Caleb has been building in San Luis Obispo County since his high school years, specializing in tenant improvments, additions, and remodels. Most of our team has been working in SLO County for over ten years offering stability and longevity.

With Cal Coast Construction, you can expect competitive pricing and a project that stays on schedule. Cal Coast Construction is diversified in all aspects of commercial and residential construction and repair. We are proud to use  sustainable building practices, doing everything we can to reduce our environmental impact during the building process. No job is too small, and each job receives Caleb's personal attention.

Caleb is deeply committed to a mutually rewarding contractor-client relationship and he looks forward to helping you with your project in whatever stage it may be in.